it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then

Win some, lose some. Well, mostly lose some.

Loss #1   Buying picture frames is shopping... whaaaat?

I considered my shopping resolution carefully, and have now added on home decor to the list.  I get these ideas that I "need" stuff. I need new boat shoes. I need a computer desk.  No, I need a smaller computer desk.  I need more frames for my wall.  I need new dog toys.  Well, maybe I don't want to cut the dog toys all out, but they have a pretty big pile of toys already!

I want less stuff, but I keep buying more! It is a ludicrous problem!  I will conquer the 'stuff''.  And probably save up some money in the meantime (bonus!).

Loss#2   Meatball sandwiches for dinner and writing my prospectus for graduate school required a glass of wine.

You know, I have made this choice very simple for myself; it should be black and white.  We don't drink alcohol and don't eat junk food, ie. Godiva dark chocolate truffles (heavenly!), and we get skinny fit enough to wear our bikini in public and not scare away small children.

Buuuut,  life isn't black and white.  And who wants to live a life without dark chocolate Godiva truffles and red wine?  Not me.  Will try to persevere with goal to not consume alcohol, but not at the cost of losing that delightful hour where I have a glass of wine and even prospectus writing becomes thoughtful and inspiring.

Tricky, very tricky. It's a fine line.

Maybe I'll say one glass of wine with dinner allowed for health (mental and heart).

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